There is not a day in my life that goes by without my curls and coffee. With that being so, my little space on the internet erupted both naturally and serendipitously. I never imagined that I would connect with so many people who love their coffee strong and their hair, natural. But now that I have, it is as if we have all met before, in another world, where our days were spent inhaling all the caffeine and exchanging wash-day war stories.

What to expect…

I do my days work as an economist, before returning home to my F1-loving husband in the evenings. It is then that I brood and plan my brand of social media magic! Besides showcasing beautiful local fashion, amazing Java and the musings of a curly-girl who is just now making sense of parabens and sulphates, I have taken to social media management like a ‘bawse’!  In the coming months, you will read my musings on taking the internet by storm, in your own, unique way. For now, come with me as I explore the best in South African design talent with my favourite blend in hand and the scent of coconutty conditioner close behind.

In case you were wondering…

How do you make your hair curly?

It grows this way! Yay.

What do you do for fun?

I love music and play bass guitar in a band! Please meet my bass, her name is Amber! I salsa regularly and have started Lindy hop classes on a Monday! – this is a swing dance from the 1920s/1930s. Keen to join?? I am a retro gal by heart and could easily have lived in the 1920s.

So, what does your work as an economist entail?

In my professional life, I analyse economic data and make recommendations on how budgets should be spent – my findings are influenced by trends in the local and global economy.

How many spoons of sugar?

No sugar ever!

Do you take milk with your coffee?

Strong and black on most days! Desperate times call for a latte 😉