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Before we talk Buuya, a short interlude…

When I returned to natural, I happened to be living abroad where products were easier to come by than they are in South Africa. For many of my curly-haired sisters, their journeys started in shopping aisles dedicated to the accomplishment of silky smooth, bone straight tresses. However, in what seems like a matter of months (a few years for the most), we (South Africa) have gone from no options at all, to a plethora of product for our kinks and curls, some even produced right here at home.

To be honest, this doesn’t solve my curly girl problems completely but knowing that I can pick up a phone or walk into a mall and get something I need without compromising on quality, is surely a step in the right direction. I still have the task of sifting through local and international brands to find the perfect fit for my fine hair and relatively loose curl. Cape Town based and Zambia-inspired Buuya fills me with hope.

On Tuesday, 20th June 2017, accompanied by my friend Ashleigh, I attended a very exclusive product launch for Buuya, a natural hair product range developed by Kasuba Stuurman. Buuya is situated in Paarden Eiland, and it was refreshing to meet at their offices, sans frills and fireworks, to celebrate Kasuba’s new venture, and her birthday!

For those of you who might wonder what happens at these kinds of events, I will tell you that Buuya’s do was tasteful, simple and to the point. Upon arrival, we chatted and received our choice in mocktail. Of course, dozens of selfies were had before we were ushered to our seats in their main venue. Kasuba said a few words, elaborating shortly on her entrepreneurial journey and hair story. Only having recently met her, it was a pleasant introduction to the face and hands behind Buuya, which quite fittingly, means beauty.

Previous  experience in starting a business, taught me the hard work of starting out on your own and being 100% responsible for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your clientele. The beads of sweat still threaten to erupt on my forehead! I think few people realise the great stress on the back of our locals doing it for themselves, the constant hustle and uncertainty. Formerly known as “Rockin Naturals”, Kasuba’s “Buuya” emerges as the refined, well-oiled sister of her former self. She is strong and confident in herself. She arrives on the scene with something unique to offer.

Turning the spotlight back to my fine hair for a moment, I must harp on about how tricky it is to find suitable products for my hair type. Too much of anything results in crispy, limp curls. Shea butter? I cannot.

And so I love that Buuya’s natural hair product range introduces us to plant based extracts such as, Mongongo Oil, Mafura Butter, Cape Coastal Honeybush, and Kigelia Africana -celebrating the Southern Africa. These active ingredients embed themselves in my memory and stand out as one of the Buuya beauty secrets I won’t easily forget. Anyone can whip up a batch of Aleo very gel in the kitchen these days, so new innovations excite me very much!

I’m also quite chuffed that Kasuba aims to educate people on the dangers of EXTREME hair and beauty practices. For me, this type of commitment extends outside of and within the natural hair community, which is great! You see, often times, we think because we aren’t taking a flat iron to our hair, we are okay, and that if someone wears a weave or prefers a blowout, they are not. From what I am hearing, Buuya represents a very honest and simple approach to their target market: let’s all promote healthy hair and know that we are naturally beautiful. 

If you are keen on healthy hair growth, length retention, moisture retention, and hair definition — Buuya may have something for you!

Now that I am in my thirties, I am a very selective consumer! A lady’s gotta choose! And I will always choose, advocate for, and support, local makers. Whether you’re attracted by the modern packaging, the travel size items, the sweet but natural Apricot scent, or her founder’s rise to entrepreneurial success, try Buuya for as a little as R100 today. Natural hair rocks and what’s even even more inspiring is that naturalistas are doing it for themselves!

Here are a few more pics from the launch, supplied by Buuya and taken by the lovely Elona NH Photography.


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