Coffee Starter Kit – My Coffee Making Routine

Want to improve your coffee making skills or just curious about how I take my coffee? READ ON.

I like coffee. A lot. And I think that you should like it too! I am on the receiving end of many questions about how much coffee I drink and how I drink my coffee. While I do enjoy my cup of java from local coffee shops, that can get a little heavy on a girl’s budget considering my daily coffee intake! Most of the time, I make my own coffee and if you are keen on making yours too, here’s what you need to get brewing!


1. One Cup Plunger

First, you will need a little one cup plunger. I use the one from Woolworths (R199) but I’ve also seen some cute ones on Yuppiechef and Takelot. The Woolies one does the job for me.


2. Ground Coffee Beans

Invest in good coffee beans, ground specifically for a plunger. This is very important because the consistency of the grind has a huge effect on the strength and taste of your coffee. I love my beans from Bootlegger coffee company but  I also use the Mocha Java variety from Woolworths and it’s really good. Be sure to buy your ground coffee specific to your taste, some roasts are milder or stronger than others.



3. Milk Frother (Optional)

If you want to get fancy, you can get yourself a little milk frother. Especially of you enjoy cappuccinos or lattes. Personally, I drink a lot of my coffee black, and when I do add milk, I just heat some in the microwave.



Now that you have your basics, you are ready to prepare your coffee, and if you want, you can follow my method below.


STEP ONE:  Boil water.


STEP TWO:  Add 2 heaped teaspoons of ground coffee to your one cup plunger

Note: I usually add 4 teaspoons but I think you should work up to this intensity! Let your coffee brew for about 3-4 minutes before pushing the plunger down. Pushing down the plunger will separate your coffee grounds from your coffee. You don’t want any of the coffee grounds in your cup!


STEP THREE: Heat some milk in the microwave or froth in your milk frother by pumping it for one minute.


STEP FOUR: Add your coffee to your mug, add your milk, add sugar (or not).


STEP FIVE: Stir, sit back and enjoy!


Tried my coffee making routine? Snap a pic, post to Instagram and tag me for an opportunity to be featured! More importantly, let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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