Investing in Intellectual Self-Care


The fear of personal growth exists in our lives because we fear not being good or great at whatever it is we want to try. It is completely normal to have those fears.

Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent. -Anon

However, everyone has to start somewhere. And even if you try something new and you’re not great at it, that’s absolutely fine. We live and learn!

Try something new

I love to try new things. And when I do, I am completely invested in that skill, craft or hobby. In terms of results, l’ve seen both good and  bad. The activities l’ve mastered now form part of my every day life and l couldn’t be happier.

It all starts with taking that first step; even when you don’t have it all figured out. Whether you’re a student for life like me, or want to brush up on a topic so that you can contribute to a discussion with friends, or approach your boss for that long overdue salary increase, investing in yourself by enjoying some intellectual self care may be long overdue!

What is intellectual self-care?

Intellectual self-care involves being responsible for your own personal growth. It is the continuous pursuit of learning and education and engaging in new things. It is also the art of practising mindfulness and having a positive mindset about life in general.

Whenever I write these posts I think about my own life and identify areas in which I have been tending to my own intellectual self-care growth. This month I signed up for an online course because I wanted to get a better understanding of a new field that I am exploring. Additionally, I love learning new languages and because I already speak a little Spanish, I always try to improve my Spanish skills with different apps on my phone. I’ve also decided that I would seriously like to know what all the hype about Game of Thrones is? However, I don’t have the time to watch seven seasons of the series right now, so I’ve challenged myself to read the first book. In fact, if anyone has the first book lying around please send it my way?

How will you challenge yourself and practice intellectual self-care this month?

Here are some ideas that I had in mind:

Sign up for a course

Whether it be online or at your local college. Maybe you want to finish a course that you started years back? You should do it, its never too late. I signed up for a free online course with Shaw Academy, you should check them out.

Learn a new language

I use the Duolingo app to practice my Spanish

Listen to a podcast

If you don’t like reading, you could listen to a podcast or watch a Ted Talk. I’ve found them to be really educational and fun.

Practice Mindfulness

If you find that your life is generally very busy and that you are always rushing to the next thing, take a few minutes to practice mindfulness this week. And this does not need to involve a lengthy meditation session, it could just mean eating your lunch away from your desk and being present in the moment that you find yourself in.

I hope that after reading this, you feel challenged to make intellectual self-care a part of your life. 😉

Let me know in the comments below or pop me an email if you decide to try something new, I would love to hear about it!

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