Obsessions: {Velvet Crush}


Velvet is back! I am not a  girl who follows every new fashion trend. Being in my thirties, my style is quite developed and I am set in my ways! Still, I am a sucker for any old trends that come back into fashion, which I will credit to being a retro girl at heart.

Cue my obsession with velvet.

I absolutely love velvet. It is bigger, better and oh, so classy this time around!

If you can pull off wearing velvet from head-to-toe, you totally should! If anyone argues, tell them Nadia sent you! But for those of us who want to incorporate this trend subtly, here’s my list of all the velvet a girl could dream of and ask for!

Will I be wearing velvet to the CurlsNCoffee session this weekend? Maybe, after all, I did just purchase a beautiful velvet dress! *swoon*

1. Tribal Velvet Gypsy Dress

This dress is perfect if you are eyeing some understated velvet charm! It’s subtle, chic and something different rolled into one!

2. Bomber Jacket

Way to jazz up a simple jeans and tee combo! I’m thinking all black? How’s about we throw in a peak cap for good measure?

3. Quilted Velvet Crossbody Bag (Dark Red)

When in doubt, get in on the trend by using your accessories. The quilted fabric gives an elegant touch.

4. Sitting Pretty Velvet Jacket Teal

I visualise this as a great transition piece from winter to spring.

5. DailyFriday Velvet Boot (Grey)

I’ve seen a few velvet boots in interesting colours and patterns, they are daring and bright enough to become the statement piece of every outfit, but I’ll give this one a pass. For me, shoes are an investment piece, so I opt for good quality and keep it neutral.

There’s more…

If you want to be really fancy, you could even incorporate velvet into your home décor. This velvet chair at Mr P is to die for! There’s also this adorable pom-pom scatter cushion!

Have you incorporated velvet into your wardrobe and home as yet? Let me know, I’d love to hear more about it!


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