My Hair Story


My return to natural was an issue of practicality. In 2010, I moved to the US to complete my Master’s degree, I lived there for 2 years. The climate was so hot and humid that maintaining straight hair became impossible! If you went from sleek to frizz by noon each day, you’d also be considering your options! This is when I decided to loosen my grip on the flat iron and let my curls run free. I did have the benefit of testing the waters in a foreign place where nobody knew my name, and by the time I returned to South Africa, I was armed with confidence and dark, bouncy curls!

All of this is not to say that my mum and I did not battle it out on a Sunday afternoon when it was time to wash (read fight) my hair. She did decide to relax my long, thick hair, preaching manageability! I continued to relax my hair for the next twenty years because this was a norm reinforced by society. My lovely hairdresser ululated over my beautiful waves and begged me to stop relaxing my hair. I did quit the crack intermittently, though still not willing to go natural. Blowouts and a GHD was my lifeline.


Thing is, I was already much older when I returned to natural. I had gone through life experiences and formed values, ideas and a lifestyle that shaped who I am. I was a well-rounded career woman with a loving husband, I had friends who enjoyed me in the skin I am in. I learned to care less about what irrelevant people thought of me and I knew what I wanted to improve about myself. My hair was an inconvenience at the time but it did not run my life. I love my hair, and it affirms my confidence, sure, but it will always be the tip of the iceberg, a crown atop my head. I am the queen of this castle!

What is your story? Let me know in the comments.


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Obsessions: {Rose Gold}


You’re probably bored to death with this passing trend, but I still love me some rose gold! Honestly, I feel like it’s one of those things, like silver, and gold, that won’t go away. Sure, maybe rose gold is overused, but who cares! If you love it, let loose! That’s just what I am doing at home, now that I have made the decision to redecorate.

Here’s a look at a few rose gold items that I have already purchased, or have my eye on. Of course, I had to add a few accessories too!


1. Copper Foil on Black Prints (Various Designs), Prestwich Collection, R190 – R440

2. Anita by Skagen, Superbalist, R3999

3. Metallic Diffuser, Mr P Home, R159,99

4. Wild At Heart Art Print, Prestwich Collection, R320

5. Superga 2750 Cotmetu Metallic Foil, Superbalist, R1099

6. Desk Lamp, Mr P Home, R229,99


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Starting a blog

Featured Image: Alexandru  Stavrica

A few short months ago, the CurlsnCoffee brand was purely experimental. I was testing social media strategies for a pooch-loving pal, never expecting the traction I received only four weeks after opening an Instagram account dedicated to my frizzy hair and favourite drink!

I am now connected with hundreds of natural hair enthusiasts, coffee lovers and Cape Town’s most stylish consumers of local fashion; what a fascinating community to call my own! When I connect in person, with someone who recognises me as #curlsncoffeeza, I freak out a little! Besides my interest in online marketing, it really is amazing to see how easily we can do great, fun things at the tap of a button and meet people who do the same.

It is with much anticipation that I add an official blog to the mix, though I must admit that I don’t yet know what I am doing. ­čśë

I have a stunning job which I love, so even though I take a signature selfie (with coffee cup in hand, of course), things will work a little differently around here. I am not a blogger by any means so…wish me luck in the comments below!






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