The Importance of Self-Care {New Blog Series}


With age, comes a deep understanding of what it truly means to look after yourself.  Time will teach you that only taking care of your physical body, is a dangerous practice with minimal reward. Sure, we must strive to be physically healthy, but it is equally important to cultivate wholeness in the areas of mental health, spiritual health and emotional health. Over the last few years, especially with my demanding job, I have seen the tangible and intangible benefits of taking a step back to practice self-care. And this my new friend, is what this series of posts is all about!

Since I spend so much time sipping on coffee, I have developed the habit of people watching! And wherever I turn, in any area of my life,  I notice that there are two types of women in this life:

  1. The hard-worker and homemaker who is so busy advancing her career and taking care of her family that she forgets to take care of herself.
  2. The woman who believes that it’s almost selfish to look after herself, labelling it as vain, narcissistic and unnecessary. She’s always claiming that it’s something that she will attend to later, but never does.

Which one are you? I happen to believe that taking care of yourself now will enable you to be your best self now and later in life.

Why is Self-Care Important?

  1. Improving your overall health enables you to love, perform and give at your best. So if you’re really an overachiever, this is your best recipe for success!
  2. You work hard and you deserve it!
  3. Though fulfilling, your various roles in your own life and the lives of others, can be very demanding and draining. Staying healthy, both inside and out, will cultivate joy and prevent burnout which happens to the best of us – even if we have great lives with wonderful people in it. You deserve to be happy and being healthy has great influence over your mood and attitude.

Join me over the next few Mondays, beginning next week, as I delve into what selfcare is, the different dimensions of selfcare and how you can practice selfcare in your life without breaking the bank. It’s really not about the money – even though the odd treatment is really nice. It’s about intentionally planning and doing things in your life that are just for you! Wouldn’t you like to live your life in a place of peace, joy and contentment? 

In this series you can expect to learn about the following dimensions of self-care:

  1. Physical
  2. Intellectual
  3. Social
  4. Spiritual
  5. Emotional


I will also share the little and big ways that I try to practice selfcare in my life – besides drinking large amounts of coffee that is!

Are you practising self-care? Let me know in the comments below.


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